Company Profile
leading UPS supplier in Indonesia. For over twenty two years, we have stood
the test of time. Our installation bases are not limited to computer installation only,
but also for process industry, telecommunications, hospitals, banking, finance
institutions etc. We are quite well known among the prestigious local and
international companies.

Being responsible for Indonesian market, which is by far, the largest and most
varied archipelago on Earth, spans over 5,000 equatorial kilometers with more
than 17.000 islands - service and maintenance of thousands and thousands UPS
installation in hundreds different cities nationwide across the country is an
enormous challenge. PT. Pitamas Data Sempurna is known to have provided
unparalleled attention and excellent after sales service support to its large
customer base.

We know that we were expected to provide ongoing and endless service support
to our esteem customer. And for this purpose, since our infancy, we have
continuously reinvest a fixed percentage of our turn over to building up our spare
parts inventory and developing our customer support resources year after years.

Supported by
factory accredited technical team, having their skill and
experience developed over the years, PT, Pitamas Data Sempurna is your reliable
partner for total power security and project solution. You can have complete
assurance in our after sales service and support delivered to the highest standard
with superior performance.
Our Mission
We exist to be your,

"Powerful Reliance for Reliable Power"
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